Kraken Scorpion

The Kraken Scorpion pepper is a Mike Hess cross between a Bhut Jolokia and a Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion. Looking at these gnarly, brown fruit, it's easy to see why Mr. Hess settled on the kraken moniker – these things look monstrous. Oh, and it's a beast in terms of flavor and heat, as well. More details below

Each seed pack contains at least 17 seeds.

Product Details

For the 2020 growing season, I had two Kraken Scorpion plants producing quite prolifically. Each plant, on their own, produced harvests over 50+ ripe fruit that were all consistent in shape, reddish brown color and flavor. Each plant exceeded five feet in height and just over half that in width.

The flavor on these pods is right along with other chocolate superhots. A floral trait leads the way for earthy notes. The floral flavors don’t last too long, which is much to my preference. The heat, however, is where this pepper shines. Yes, it’s extremely hot, but it’s the journey to the fiery plateau that sets this one apart. The build up from the initial bite is super smooth and extremely slow – it feels as the heat takes forever to built to the peak.

There are some chocolate superhots that hit with immediate aggression. The Kraken Scorpion doesn’t catch fire in that same way. It peaks excruciatingly slowly and sits atop that mountain top almost as long. Needless to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this addition to my 2020 growing season.