The 2024 Pepper Season Has Begun

February 26, 2024 | Article Topics:

This past weekend saw the start to the 2024 pepper season as I set about getting roughly 45 plants started. I only plan to work with 30-35 of them for the duration of the season, but I still like to start extras just in case germination rates turn out poorly.

pepper plants

My soil mixture and process remain the same as last year, but I did remember to add in a bit of bone meal and blood meal for when those little roots start growing. I think the lack of the two elements last year was partially to blame for the slow growth. Which was then compounded by Mother Nature’s chilly Spring when they got outside.

Below is the list of plants that were started for 2024:

    • Alba Regia
    • Anaheim
    • Antep Dolma
    • Blot
    • Blue Xmas x BRW x Mutant
    • Borg 9 BBG7 Purple
    • California Reaper
    • Carrot Bomb
    • Cyclone
    • Defcon 7
    • Devil’s Claw x Ninfadora
    • Etiude
    • FOX Purple Ghost
    • Giant Anconcagua
    • Goronong
    • Habanero Cappuccino
    • Hatch: Big Jim
    • Hellapeno
    • Hellboy
    • Jalapeno
    • Jalapeno: Big Pit
    • Jalapeno: Craig’s Grande
    • Jalapeno: Zapotec
    • Leviathan Chocolate
    • Mattapeno F6
    • Peach Miasma
    • Peppa Dew
    • Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut
    • Purple UFO
    • Quintisho
    • Reaper Dark Magma
    • Reaper Naga
    • Reaper of Death Orange
    • Reaper Purple Peach
    • Reaper x Moruga
    • Reaper x SRTSL
    • Santa Fe Grande
    • Sugar Drop Lemon
    • Sugar Rush Red
    • Swiss Chocolate Cross
    • Tiberius Mauler Caramel
    • Yellow CARDI Scorpion

    That’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll have an update soon with photos of seedlings. I love this time of year! Happy growing.