Chocolate Ghost Jami

I'm a sucker for a gnarly Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper) so when I crossed paths with this blistered chocolate variant I just had to have it. The Chocolate Ghost Jami is a hybrid (created by Enrico Lai) of a Peach Ghost Jami and unknown cross. The result is one of the most striking peppers I have seen. Oh, and it's damn tasty, as well. More details below

Each seed pack contains at least 17 seeds.

Product Details

My Chocolate Ghost Jami plant grew to a massive size, easily reaching five feet in height and nearly as wide around. The large plant, however, did not produce as many ripened fruit as I would have liked. I believe that I harvested roughly 40 peppers from this plant. I have a feeling that it would have produced more had another plant not crowded it out later in the season.

These reddish brown pods are completely blistered and just gnarly as can be. The flavor carries grassy, earthy undertones and a bit of a floral trait, as well as a hint of berry fruits. The heat is scorching as it builds slowly from under the tongue, eventually engulfing the entire mouth is a fiery glow. The heat levels out around “insane” but doesn’t have the aggressive nature of some other chocolate varieties out there. In fact, I would even call it a smooth experience.