2024 Pepper Grow List

February 1, 2024 | Article Topics:

Other than the point of the year when the plants go outside for the season, February is always an exciting time. Later this month, we will be starting our pepper seeds for the 2024 season. Looking at the preliminary list below, I see a good deal more sweet and low-heat varieties than in years past, but also a good number of superhots. I tend to mix things up pretty regularly each season, often only regrowing a small number of varieties. This year is no different.

The plan so far:

  • Alba Regia
  • Antep Dolma
  • Blot Pepper
  • California Reaper
  • Cyclone
  • Defon
  • Etiude
  • Giant Aconcagua
  • Goronong
  • Hatch: Anaheim, Big Jim
  • Hellboy
  • Jalapeno: Big Pit, Craig’s Grande, Zapotec
  • Leviathan Chocolate
  • Mattapeno
  • Peach Miasma
  • Peppa Dew
  • Reaper Dark Magma
  • Reaper of Death Orange
  • Reaper x Moruga
  • Reaper x Naga
  • Reaper x SRTSL
  • Santa Fe Grande
  • Sugar Drop Lemon

I’m not planning as many different varieties this year and plan on have multiple plants of some of them. Despite the lackluster feeling of last year, I feel rejuvenated and excited to gets things launched for 2024. Happy growing!