7 Pot Nebru Pepper Review

February 10, 2022 | Article Topics:

I originally purchased seeds for the 7 Pot Nebru because I liked the way the plant and fruit looked. I really didn’t do any research on the variety, but once I did, I got nervous. This pepper is a cross of a couple varieties, one of which is easily the hottest yellow pod I have ever eaten – the 7 Pot Jonah. The other half of this cross is a yellow Scotch Bonnet. The result is one Hell of a pepper.

This particular Nebru fruit was a monster, sitting roughly two inches long and almost just as wide. The yellow skin is gnarly and blistered. It definitely shows off the “brainstrain” aspect of the blend. Inside, the pepper is leaking oil from every pore as a small cluster of seeds sits near the stem.

7 Pot Nebru pepper

The aroma is floral, grassy with a not-so-pleasant stewed veggie trait. I was definitely disappointed in the way this one smells. Maybe my sniffer was off in this instance as I never really ran across that trait in subsequent harvests.

Despite the off-putting aroma, the 7 Pot Nebru is tasty! Chewing through the lightly spongey skin presents fruity notes of lemon, a light floral component and a hint of perfume (which fades quickly). So happy this one didn’t taste as poorly as it smelled.

7 Pot Nebru pepper

Earlier in this review, I mentioned the 7 Pot Jonah was the hottest yellow pepper I had come across thus far. The heat on the Nebru is equal to, if not, a bit hotter than its parentage. The burn starts slowly attacking the roof of the mouth first and foremost before spreading wickedly fast to the throat and tongue. As the heat peaks, the eyes start to water and the jowls begin to hurt as a sheen of sweat forms on the brow. At its most focused point, the burn is brutal. This is a mean pepper.

Holy Hell, the 7 Pot Nebru is a beast of a pepper. My plant produced consistently shaped and sized, gnarly fruit. I wasn’t a huge fan of the aroma, but the flavor more than made up for that short-coming. The heat on this one is extreme to say the least and should be easily incorporated into any of your own sauce recipes.