Yellow Jonah Brainstrain Pepper Review

October 21, 2020 | Article Topics:

I only grew out a single plant of these Yellow Jonah Brainstrain, but had I known that the one plant would only produce a handful of ripe fruit, I would have opted to start more earlier this year. As it stands, I think I only harvested six pods from this one plant. Thankfully, those few that I picked provided enough for me to determine that this variety is easily the hottest yellow pepper I have ever grown.

Despite the small number of fruit, each one was pretty massive in size and gnarly as all get out. At an average of just under two inches in length and a little smaller in width, the average weight of the pods was 16 grams. All presented a twisted, blistered and folded exterior. Inside, there is a nice cluster of placenta and seeds clinging to the thin walls near the stem.

Jonah Brainstrain

The aroma is quite fruity with soft floral notes. It also doesn’t come across as though it’s going to be hot – which is a big time trap. The fruitiness and light floral trait is present in the flavor along with a touch of sweetness, but all that is quickly overtaken by an immediate, stinging heat. There is no build up here at all – it’s as though a light switch as been flipped.

Hiccups arrive quickly along with a sheen of sweat. The eyes tear up just as rapidly. The Jonah Brainstrain produces a full mouth burn that oozes slowly down the back of the throat with each swallow. This is a brutal burn that results in a lingering whiskey chest as the fire fades excruciatingly slowly.

Jonah Brainstrain

As I stated earlier, this may be the more fiery yellow pepper I have ever encountered. This is a heat that doesn’t play any games or even tease you with a slow build – this is immediate and ferocious from beginning to end. The Jonah Brainstrain would make for one hell of an addition to any hot sauce you have in mind.