Yellow Dorset Naga Pepper Review

November 19, 2020 | Article Topics:

The fruit of the Yellow Dorset Naga looks almost identical to the ripe pods from the Yellow Bonda ma Jacque that I also grew this year. The appearance between the two peppers is where the similarities end, however. The aroma, flavor and heat and a beast all their own.

yellow dorset naga peppers

The smooth yellow fruit of the Yellow Dorset Naga present a floral, lemony citrus aroma with light grassy notes and enough of a “heat” trait that let’s you know it’s going to be hot. The flavor follows suit – floral and lemony up front with a touch of bitterness lingering. Thankfully, the floral notes fade fairly quickly as you crunch through the thin skinned fruit.

The fiery burn hits immediately without any sort of build up or warning. It engulfs the tongue fully, leaking down the throat with each swallow. Eyes water quickly as the heat peaks incredibly swiftly and sits at that height for a good long while. There’s a light sting to the burn.

yellow dorset naga peppers

The Yellow Dorset Naga is a scorcher! The heat arrives right as you start chewing through the first bite, building rapidly to a burn that, at first is unsuspecting, but you do get used to it at a point. I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of this one – it’s a bit too floral for my own personal liking, but I have used it in a few sauces this season and it does well within a blend of other peppers.