Week Two of the 2022 Pepper Season

March 7, 2022 | Article Topics:

We’ve hit the two week mark of the 2022 pepper season and so far, things are progressing fairly well. The plants that have germinated are looking really good – and will be split out into individual pots next weekend. For now though, we’re going to let them continue to develop and hope the 16 or so varieties that haven’t popped yet, do just that in the next few days.

pepper seedling

In last week’s update I mentioned that I didn’t believe that pre-warming the soil prior to sowing the seeds didn’t have much of an impact. I may have to retract that statement. While no plants broke the soil any quicker than they normally would have, I did get a larger number than typical of plants coming up before the 10 day period. Just under half the varieties that I sowed were awake in that time – on average, a higher number than previous seasons.

For those keeping track along with me, here are the varieties that have germinated thus far:

  • 7 Pot Cinder
  • Aci Sivri
  • Bahamian Beast Red
  • Big Caramel Mama
  • Brown Rocoto
  • Chiltepin
  • Congo Yellow Trinidad
  • Elysium Oxide SB
  • Ghost Yaki Peach
  • Ghostly Jalapeno
  • Habanero De Arbol
  • Helix Nebula
  • Invidia Orange-Peach
  • Jalapeno – Brown
  • Joy’s Ghost Cayenne
  • Lemon Starburst
  • Leviathon Gnarly Scorpion
  • Orange Sweet
  • Pineapple Ghost
  • Puerto Rican Yellow
  • Purple Tiger x Jalapeno
  • Sugar Rush Stripey
  • Super Bhut x (Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut)
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Wiri Wiri

Until next time, happy pepper growing!