Week Three of the 2022 Pepper Season

March 14, 2022 | Article Topics:

Well, it’s been three weeks since the start of the season and that typically means it’s time to trim the roster down to an acceptable number. Before I started removing duplicates, I was at 91 seedlings – that’s a bit much for one person to handle. By the time the weekend was complete, and aside from a couple of plants that will be going to friends and family, I’m down to 36 plants for myself.

That number is just about where I want to be – I’ve slowly reduced the number of plants I grow each season the past few years. Thirty-fourish feels like the sweet spot given my consumption and storage capabilities.

pepper seedlings

While I have several extra plants for neighbors and family, there were still several dozen more that I did not have a home for. I hate getting rid of so many seedlings, but that many seeds need to be started to ensure at least one germinates for the season. This year, I had several varieties that did much better than expected in terms of their germination rate.

For those that are sticking around, the are looking happy and healthy after resetting in the soil.

pepper seedlings

Until the next update, happy gardening.