The Pepper Plants are Starting to Put Out Pods for the 2019 Season

June 21, 2019 | Article Topics:

It’s been just about seven weeks since all of the pepper plants made there way out into the raised beds, buckets and overflow plot. In that time, the weather hasn’t been completely stellar. For the area, it’s been unseasonably cold with mid-May and early June nights dropping to the low 40° F zone.

As a result a large majority of my plants aren’t quite where they should be in terms of development. Compared to this time last year, most are easily half as tall as the plants I grew then. Sure the varieties are different, but it’s hard to believe it’s a coincidence that all of them are pretty short in stature. That said, just about every single plant is super healthy and lush so I cannot really complain too much.

Self-Watering Buckets

The self-watering buckets are currently kicking ass this season. All of the plants in this grouping are consistently the fullest and most lush by far. I believe all but the Trinidad Moruga and Chocolate Naglah Beast are also sporting a good number of little fruits in varying sizes.

The Bequinhos are cranking out pods but between the two of them, they are still well behind the Criolla Sella which is just packed with a stupid number of fruits given its overall size. The Yellow Scorpion, Carbnonero and Yellow Pequin plants are all getting in on the acts as well.

Danger, Danger, Danger

Bed #1 at the house holds most of my superhot varieties — Yellow Primo, MA Wartryx, Cardi Scorpion and Carolina Reaper. All are doing quite well and are sporting a good number of early buds and a few blossoms. However, only the Cardi Scorpion is fruiting at the moment.

Scotchtowne and Friends

Of all the plants at the house, the Scotch Bonnets varieties appear to be the group most behind this season. The MOA and Papa Dreadie plants are just now starting to bud while the Freeport Orange is sporting fruit, as are both of the Scotch Brains (the plant in this bed that I am most excited about). I’m sure that these plants will catch up as the season continues.

Planet Aji

All of the the plants in this particular bed are fruiting well and have pods of varying sizes filling in. The Charapitas look really good thus far, but the Fantasy and Cachucha plants are dominating in terms of fruit count. The Rico isn’t far behind though as it’s starting to become more prolific the past week or so.

Overflow Plot

And finally, the plants at the overflow are chugging along. They are well behind those at home in terms of overall development, but they are slowly catching up. I lost one of my plants shortly after the transplant, but the rest appear to be doing fine.

The Hatch, Poblano and Jalapeno plants are just starting to fruit while the Aji Rico and Fantasy plants are crushing it in terms of production. All three of those plants are packed with fruit with the Rico probably ready to start ripening in the next week or so. The MA Wartryx and Yellow Scorpion plants in this plot are just now starting to bud, but their lack of effort will soon be forgotten, I hope.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait for these fruit to start ripening and get the first peppers of the season in the next couple of weeks!