Testanera Pepper Review

January 4, 2022 | Article Topics:

I picked up seeds for this pepper because I was intrigued with it’s appearance (both plant and ripe pepper), but I believe my plant may have been a bit off-pheno. The Testanera has an undisclosed lineage and unknown filial generation so there was always a chance that my outcome would not match what was presented on the shop from which the seeds were purchased – and I knew that going into it.

At any rate, the plant itself matched expectations with its dark foliage. I think the spot in my garden where it was set may have limited its growth potential as the plant was fairly small and compact. Despite that, it did produce a pile of fiery peppers that looked like small ghost peppers – starting off near-black before fulling ripening to red with orange highlights, smooth skin and a bullet shape. The interior was almost empty as a small cluster of seeds sat at the stem and a hairline placenta ran the length.

Testanera pepper plant

The aroma presented smells great – very similar to the red Bonda Ma Jacques that I grew last year. It was fruity with just a hint of a floral note and a twinge of heat. Biting into the Testanera produces a good bit of fruitiness right away, with a light bitterness, distant flowery notes and grass. It tastes pretty darn good.

The fire hits rapidly, accelerating to its peak with a quickness. The burn encompasses the entire mouth with a distinct focus on the tongue. The Testanera had a good, mellow burn that settled in at a low Habanero level. It was quite enjoyable and lasts a good long while. That being said, it does not match the expected heat as described by the seller.

Testanera pepper plant

This was an interesting pepper. Despite it matching my expectations at the time of purchase, it turned out to be a decent little pepper. Early in the season, the above review fit just about every ripe fruit I harvested. Later in the year, the ripe peppers took on more of a floral trait. The burn was the same throughout the season though, so there was some consistency there. I’m not sure I would grow this specific batch of seeds out again, but who knows… much like unknown lineage and filial generations of crosses like this, you never really can predict what will be grown in future seasons.