Scotch Brain XCP Red

November 1, 2022 | Article Topics:

I’m a big fan of the standard yellow variation of the Scotch Brains. It’s a pepper that not only provides a searing heat, but also great flavor. And with any pepper variety that I am a fan of, I am usually on the look out for different strains or crosses that may involve that pepper. Such is the case with the Scotch Brains XCP Purple/Red (long name, I know).

Scotch Brains XCP

This particular hybrid is an unknown cross between a Scotch Brains and another superhot – possibly a Bhutlah Scorpion as suggested by the creator. Regardless, the one plant I grew out this year produced a pile of this gnarly looking red pods. While the ripe red fruit don’t initially resemble the shape of your standard Scotch Brains, they do possess the blistered skin that is typical of the variety. The “Purple/Red” portion of the peppers name comes from the tendency for unripe pods to start out with a purple hue – as my plant did this season.

On the outside, these peppers actually look quite frightening. Inside, the Scotch Brains XCP has a good cluster of seed and placenta running most of the length of the ripe fruit. The skin is fairly thin and showcases pits of oil here and there.

Scotch Brains XCP

The aroma is almost Bhut Jolokia-ish with floral notes, distant fruits and that telltale Chinense stank. It simply smells like pain. The flavor follows suit for the most part as floral notes lead the way for a very fruity character. A twinge of bitterness lingers in the background to counter that floral trait. The Scotch Brains XCP Purple/Red is quite tastey.

This pepper is immediately searing upon the first bite and induced hiccups in my almost instantly. Engulfing the tongue, the burn eventually slowly spreads around the mouth as it builds to a fiery crescendo. A good bit of whiskey chest warms the core with each breathe. The plateau lasts a good long while with an even burn across the mouth that brought some welling of the eyes at one point – which, by the way, makes writing tasting notes quite difficult.

The Scotch Brains XCP Purple/Red is a scorcher. Personally, I’m glad the floral flavors disappeared quickly, allowing that fruitiness to shine through. The burn sits quite comfortably in the superhot realms, but is still quite manageable when all is said and done. I thoroughly enjoyed this pepper and will be adding it to sauce recipes through the next several months.