Plans for Unripened Peppers at Season’s End

September 15, 2016 | Article Topics: , ,

The growing season is swiftly coming to an end here in western Virginia. Yes, it was 93° outside yesterday, but this area seems to cool off fairly quickly toward the end of September. It also appears that, a few bhuts and Carolina reapers aside, most of my peppers have stalled and the fruits not ripening. I’m sure I’ll get a few more pods by the time the decision to wrap up for the season comes, but I figured I’d start planning on what to do with the remaining pods that haven’t ripened.

Carolina Reaper

I’m not sure if I’ll try and force ripen the peppers utilizing the brown paper bag trick that I used last year for a couple, but not sure how effective that would be with the number of pods I have remaining. While I prefer the ripened fruit flavors (Serrano the exception), drying the peppers is also an option. And finally, simply combining all of the remaining pods in some sort of sauce would work, as well.


I’m leaning more toward that last option. The only problem is I don’t have a recipe. I’m sure that wife and I could come up with some green death concoction, but I wanted to survey you all to see if you had any suggestions on ingredients — besides habaneros, caroline reapers and serranos — or recipes that you particular enjoy.