Pepper Update: August 1, 2016

We’ll start this week off with our two mystery Trinidad Scorpion plants. Neither one resembles the other, especially now that they have both started ripening. One still looks like it’s been influenced by a habanero, perhaps, while the other is taking on more of a Scotch Bonnet shape. Regardless, it looks like both will have ripe peppers for me to sample by week’s end.

Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion

Next up is the Bhut Jolokia which, at last count was sporting 27 pods of various sizes. Compared to the plant I had last year, this thing is beyond prolific. It’s a good thing I ordered my Nesco FD-60 over the weekend — I’m going to need it pretty darn soon. These pods are starting to just look mean and the largest of the bunch already dwarf was was produced last year in terms of size.

Bhut Jolokia

The Carolina Reaper has about 20 pods adorning its limbs as of my last count, none of which are particularly large in size or showing any signs of ripening. I’m assuming this one still has a good bit of time to go before i’ll be seeing anything close to ready for harvest. Still, the pods are starting to look more and more reaper-like in appearance.

Carolina Reaper

I didn’t have much of an update for the cayenne last week, but so far it’s got the most ripe fruit of the bunch. I should have a good 6-7 to harvest by the end of the week, just in time to test out the new dehydrator. And that’s a good thing as last year’s dried pepper blend is dwindling quickly.


The Scotch Bonnet was the first plant to produce a fully ripened pod, which was enjoyed in white chicken chili last night. I do love fresh bonnets. They are snappy, fruity, sweet and have just the right amount of heat. Expect a full post on the first pepper of the season in a couple of days. The next pepper on the plant looking to be ready soon is much larger than the smaller one I harvested.

Scotch Bonnet

And last, but not least, is the habanero that I had to cut back a good deal due to something destroying all of the pods. It’s currently isolated to the backyard deck, away from the rest of the plants just in case. And now, it’s already showing three decent sized pods. It definitely didn’t waste any time getting caught up with the rest of the group.