Peppapeach Pepper Review

August 27, 2021 | Article Topics:

The Peppapeach is the creation of Chris Fowler, the mastermind behind the incredibly tasty Sugar Rush Peach. This particular pepper variety is derived from that same lineage, but bred to have a similar appearance to the South African Peachadew. Based on looking at the plant and the ripe fruit, I’d say that Mr. Fowler knows what he’s doing.

And that’s all well and good, but how does the pepper taste and, ultimately, burn us with love.

peppapeach pepper

As you can see by the photo above, this thing looks nearly identical to the Peachadew – or at least, to pictures I’ve seen online. The ripe fruit are light peach in color with smooth skin and gently lobed at the stem. Inside, the fruit has a tight cluster of placenta and seeds as the thick flesh fills the rest of the space.

The aroma screams Sugar Rush Peach with a fruity sweetness that is almost candy-like. To put it simply, the Peppapeach smells incredibly delicious.

peppapeach pepper

The flavor is ridiculous. Biting into the fruit delivers a satisfying crunch and juiciness. It’s sweet right from the start with a welcome wash of fruity flavors and a hint of green veggie traits. The combination of the sweetness and fruit character makes for a refreshing quality that has caused me to each more of these peppers right off the plant than any other I have grown in past seasons.

The heat only comes on with the placenta. It is medium-to-mild with a slight sting at the back of the throat. At its peak, the burn is easily manageable as it fades fairly quickly, allowing that sugary sweetness to come back into play as everything dissolves to a faint echo.

I’m sure that this pepper, much like the standard Sugar Rush Peach, will be perfectly fine in a sauce or chopped fresh on a salad. I, however, don’t think many of mine are going to make it that far. I tend to devour them before they even make it into the house after picking. They are just too damned tasty!