MA Wartryx Pepper Review

December 17, 2019 | Article Topics:

The MA Wartryx is a hybrid pepper grown out by Matthew Arthur (the MA) part of the name. This gnarly beast is believed to be a cross between a Trinidad Scorpion, 7 Pot Jonah and an Ubatuba Cambucci. At least, that’s what the Internets has informed me.

The particular plant that I grew out had a variety of pod shapes – some looking as they should and others, like this specimen, that has a more mushroom shape. Regardless, all were blistered out and more wrinkled than any other pepper I grew this past year. Inside, all are packed with seeds and placenta, a glistening sheen of oils clinging with evil intent.

MA Wartryx pepper

The aroma of this small, evil things is floral with a traits similar to the Bhut Jolokia. The smell of heat just emanates from this one.

Thankfully, the floral character is short-lived once you start crunching into the blistered pepper. A fruity trait arrives before being swiftly swallowed by a tidal wave of building heat. The burn attacks the tongue first as a light sweat starts to build. The under side of the tongue takes the brunt of the burn as the heat peaks with a stinging sensation. Slowly, the sting starts to shift to the back on the throat, methodically marching down into the chest. This this is intense.

MA Wartryx pepper

To put it bluntly, the MA Wartryx is an asshole. The experience is fairly extreme as the pepper drags its stinging heat excrutiatingly slowly across the tongue. There’s a slight bitterness that persists, but nothing that takes away from the flavor too much.

This thing is going to make for one mean sauce or powder.