Lava Scorpion Pepper Review

April 12, 2022 | Article Topics: ,

The Lava Scorpion – not to be confused with the 7 Pot Lava – is more than likely a smaller variant (or distant cousin) of the Apocalypse Scorpion. Looking at the ripe pods that I collected this past season, it’s easy to see the resemblance. My particular plant was also quite productive, delivering a good amount of ripened peppers for my enjoyment.

Lava Scorpion

Each Lava Scorpion pod that I harvested looked nearly identical to the previous one – lightly blistered and thorny. The red peppers look pretty mean from the outside, but once cut open, the inside is frightening. Oils ooze from the pinkish placenta that runs the entire length, from step to tip.

The aroma is floral and grassy with light fruit hints. It pretty much smells like a superhot that is going to melt my insides. Biting through the thin skinned pepper, there is a burst of fruitiness and a hint of sweetness. The floral trait from the aroma isn’t overly apparent in the flavor. In fact, the Lava Scorpion tastes pretty damn good.

Lava Scorpion

That tasty flavor is almost immediately overtaken by the heat – like I had just swallowed a glass of molten lava. Hiccups come on quickly as to watering eyes. The heat is intense, peaking rapidly with a full-on tongue burn and burning whiskey chest. The fire slowly spreads to the back of the throat with each swallow, standing defiantly at the plateau for a long while before slowly fading. Looking at my notes I scribbled through the pain, I have in the side margin simply, “wow.”

The Lava Scorpion is a brute of a pepper. The heat is almost instantaneous and scorching right after the first bite. Prior to that long-lasting burn taking hold of your senses, the flavor is wonderful. It’s definitely one of the tastier superhot peppers I’ve crossed paths with. It is going to make a hell of a sauce.