Invidia Orange-Peach Pepper Review

November 8, 2022 | Article Topics: ,

The Invidia Orange-Peach is a slight variant of your standard Peach Bhut Jolokia. This strain was created by Drax Diego and features a bit more of an orangish hue (hence the monikor), as well as a bumpier flesh. For the most part, my plant was quite active and produced a wide array of shapes as you can see below, though most resembled the thin, elongated specimen.

Invidia Orange-Peach peppers

The interior of this pepper is actually quite pretty with a small cluster of seeds toward the stem. The placenta was thing, but ran the entire length of the pepper with dots of oil clinging to the inner walls.

Wafts of fruitiness, a light floral trait and grassy notes fill the nose immediately. It smells very similar to Peach Bhuts that I have grown in years past – an aroma that I truly love. Chewing through the softish flesh, the flavors are lightly floral and fruity yet still quite pungent on the tongue. A twinge of bitterness arrives late.

Invidia Orange-Peach peppers

The heat starts slowly on the tongue, building gradually to hit the roof of the mouth and the back of the throat. I feel as though this strain is a bit more of a creeper than other Peach Bhuts I’ve encountered in the past. The burn climbs for a long while, constantly teasing with false peaks before eventually reaching that plateau. A light stinging sensation settles in as the heat rests atop the peak for a bit before oh-so-slowly fading. The fire on the Invidia Orange-Peach isn’t overly aggressive.

I quite enjoyed the Invidia Orange-Peach. The plant was quite productive and produces a fruit that is attractive to the eye as well as flavorful. It’s got a tremendous burn that lasts a good long while still being manageable. I can certainly see this one working well as part of a powder blend or within any sauce recipe.