Welcome to the Pepper Diaries

Welcome to the site fellow chiliheads. I’m your humble host and novice chili gardner. You can learn a little bit more about me and the site here.

Just to keep this intro short and sweet (or firey), The Pepper Diaries are my way of documenting my experience in growing a small number of pepper plants. At the time of this writing, here are the plants I’m currently attempting to keep from perishing in the hot Virginia sun:

  • Serrano
  • Cayenne
  • Orange habanero (which is trying to make a comeback after an infestation)
  • Two scotch bonnet plants
  • Two possible variations of Trinidad scorpion, I think. I’ll post more on that later.
  • Bhut Jolokia
  • Carolina Reaper

As you can see, I don’t have anything extremely exotic, but I think it’s still a solid start to my endeavor. Going forward, I’m going attempt to store seeds, as well as overwintering one or two of the plants.

Thanks again, and welcome to the site.