Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Devil’s Duel

August 4, 2017 | Article Topics: , ,

I’m a big fan of hot sauces that have multiple uses. By that, I mean that I more enjoy a sauce that provides good heat and complimentary flavors to whatever it may be added.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Devil’s Duel is a damn tasty hot sauce, but it’s not one that can go with any meal. This hot sauce utilizes the ubiquitous habanero pepper for heat, but it’s the mustard within that stands out the most in almost every facet. As a result, Devil’s Duel becomes a bit one-dimensional in how it can be used.

Devil's Duel hot sauce bottle

Devil’s Duel has a solid burnt, orangish brown color and is packed with visible chunks of pepper (habanero and green bell), garlic, carrot and more. I do love the the consistency of this one as it pours thick and slow. A quick sniff let’s you know immediately that this one is packed with mustard and garlic. The habanero is certainly there, as well, but sort of trails behind the mustard, garlic and vinegar in terms of potency. A bit of onion lingers at the edges.

Devil's Duel hot sauce

Much like the aroma, the flavor of this sauce is fully dominated by the mustard, garlic and vinegar (in that order) from start to finish. The habanero peppers don’t really provide much flavor, perhaps a touch of fruitiness. The fullness and thickness of the sauce is just right for my personal liking as it oozes slowly over everything you put it on.

The heat from the habanero isn’t overwhelming, but does grab the sides of the tongue and throat nicely for a good long while before fading slowly. It’s not overly hot by any means, but does provide a moderate warmth that spreads to the chest a bit. Devil’s Duel has a heat level that is just about ideal for everyday use — it’s not going to wreck your ability to enjoy a tasty desert or post-dinner drink.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sauce, but really only use it on a handful of foods. That strong mustard backbone that supports the rest of the flavors makes Devil’s Duel perfect for your standard grilled picnic fair — hot dogs and hamburgers. I slather my burgers with the sauce instead of actually using any mustard and it fits the bill nicely.

Devil's Duel hot sauce ingredients