Dehydrator Shopping – Looking for Suggestions and Models

July 22, 2016 | Article Topics:

Last year, I ate a few fresh pods, but the majority of them went into the wife’s oven for drying and crushing. The oven has a convection mode that, when set to its lowest temp o 170 degrees, took about 7-8 hours to fully dry everything out sufficiently. It worked great, but the oven stunk of ghost peppers and habaneros for a good week afterward. Needless to say the boss lady wasn’t all that thrilled.

Chili Pepper flakes

This year, I’m in the market for a dehydrator to take care of my needs. I’ve been looking at a Nesco FD-80A (the square one) as an alternative, but figured I’d survey the crowd to get suggestions and feedback on what their favorite method of drying may be, or which appliance they love the most.

I’ve read a bit about Nesco and they seem like a solid enough brand, but I’m always up to compare products.