Congo Yellow Trinidad Pepper Review

September 29, 2022 | Article Topics:

The Congo Yellow Trinidad is a Habanero variety that – you guessed it – hails from the island of Trinidad. I really hadn’t planned on growing out any Habanero this season, but I found these seeds in my stock and figured, what the hell. It turned out to be a pretty good decision. My plant grew to a decent size and was quite prolific in pumping out a fairly large number of ripened, yellow fruit.

Congo Yellow Trinidad

Each ripe pepper was consistent in shape and size – larger than standard Habanero I have grown in the past. Deep folds are featured on several that I picked. Inside, a small cluster of seeds and placenta sit at the stem. Other than that, the interior is pretty tame.

The aroma is grassy and lightly floral up front with lemony citrus notes and no hint of any heat. For the most part, it smells reminiscent of the standard yellow Habanero. Crunching through the thin skin, the flavor presents a nice bit of fruitiness up front with a light floral note and hint of bitterness late.

Congo Yellow Trinidad

The heat builds swiftly across the roof of the mouth and along the length of the tongue, spreading slowly down the throat with each swallow. At its peak, the burn is a low-to-medium Habanero level with that tell-tale stinging sensation of the variety. At its worst, the fire is still pretty manageable as it shifts across different areas of the mouth before fading slowly.

I quite liked the Congo Yellow Trinidad pepper – more-so than the standard orange and yellow varieties. I’ve already used it in salsas and a couple of sauces to great affect. I’ve also got a good amount of it stored away in the freezer for later use. It’s definitely going to be a versatile addition to just about any application.