Chocolate Scorpion Pepper Review

November 13, 2018 | Article Topics: , ,

While most of the chocolate variants that I grew this year had the 7 Pot as their base, I did have a single Scorpion plant producing some diabolical, chocolate pods. In fact, this particular plant delivered the largest superhots I had all season. This single pod (pictured below) was about average in size. Each pod that I harvested from this plant were equally blistered and gnarly, with some decent heft to them.

Chocolate Scorpion Pepper

As scarey as these fruit were on the outside, it was the interior that sent chills down my spine and my mouth watering. The spongey placenta didn’t fill as much of the pepper as I was expecting, but the amount of capsaicin oils that oozed from every pore was intimidating. The last photo below really puts on display the amount of oil these things spilled after cutting through their crunchy, thin walls.

Chocolate Scorpion Pepper

The aroma on this pod was earthy and floral — oh, and hellishly hot. It’s really not an enticing smell at all. It just smells damn mean. And that trait carries over to the flavor and burn, as well.

Chocolate Scorpion Pepper

Crunching through the small piece that I sampled, there’s a floral (though not perfumey) trait that accompanies a nice earthiness. The blazing heat hits instantly and sears across the tongue, building swiftly to an intense level, eventually spreading down the throat with each swallow. The heat is of a high level, but surprisingly manageable as the eyes water lightly, peaking after about five minutes maintaining that upper level before relenting and slowly fading over the next 15-20 minutes.

This is, honestly, not a pepper that I would want to tackle head-on like this again. It’s not the heat is too much to handle, but the overall flavor just isn’t my cup of tea. That said, I have dried and ground several dozen of these pods into a powder that works so well with just about any food items. I’m sure these chocolate scorpions would do quite well in a sauce as well, but the powder is spot on for my tastes — I’ve been dusting just about everything with the powder.