Chocolate Ghost WHP Pepper Review

December 28, 2021 | Article Topics: ,

I’ve grown a few chocolate varieties over the past few years, but none, so far, have been quite as tasty as the White Hot Peppers strain of the chocolate Ghost pepper. I had been looking for a gnarly version of this pepper to grow and given the success I had with the Chocolate Ghost Jami (also a WHP product), I couldn’t pass up this one for the past season. Turns out, I made the right decision as this was, by far, my favorite pepper of 2021.

The plant was a great producer and each ripened fruit looked nearly identical – ugly and gnarly with blistered, twisting shapes. They weren’t quite as bumpy as the Jami, but these still had more of a texture than your standard ghost pepper. The fruit were all fairly lengthy as well, with most stretching to just under four inches on average. Inside, the Chocolate Ghost WHP is scary with a good amount of placenta stretching the entire length and noticeable pools of oil.

Chocolate Ghost pepper

For the most part, the aroma is that of your typical chocolate superhot – earthy, lightly floral with distant fruit notes. Oh, and it just smells mean. The skin on the pepper is thin, but still provides a nice little crunch as you bite through it. The flavor begins with a subtle floral note as a healthy earthiness quickly dominates. Distant fruit notes linger. This could very well be the best tasting chocolate pods I’ve encountered thus far. It’s darn good.

Of course, the Chocolate Ghost WHP packs a punch in terms of the heat. It builds smoothly and swiftly to an intense and full-mouth burn. The tongue has surely got to be on fire while the throat suffers as the burn leaks down to the chest with each swallow. Sweat quickly forms on the brow. There was no sting to the experience as the burn sits atop the peak for a good long while before eventually fading away slowly.

Chocolate Ghost pepper

This WHP strain of the Chocolate Ghost pepper not only looks great, but it tastes excellent as well. I loved the earthy flavor and the burn was just the way I like it – intense without that annoying sting. This was a well-rounded experience from start to finish and this will surely be a pepper I grow again in the near future – if not again next year.