BBG7 Dream Pepper Review

January 20, 2022 | Article Topics:

The minute I saw photos of the BBG7 Dream – a cross of which I don’t recall – at a favorite retailed, I just had to have them. The dark foliage plant produces some of the most attractive fruit of any pepper I have grown so far. At times, the ripened peppers looked to glow afire when the sun hit them just right. Beyond being an overall attractive plant, how does this one taste and, ultimately, burn?

BBG7 Dream pepper plant

For the most part, the BBG7 Dream fruit resemble your standard ghost pepper in shape, but with an intense and varied color that fades from reddish orange to deep purplish red and back again. The skin has a wrinkled and lightly bumpy texture. Inside the pepper looks like a superhot with loads of placenta, a few seeds and small puddles of oil.

The aroma is pungent and dominated by a solid floral trait. I honestly didn’t pick up much else. This one is quite flowery on the nose. The flavor did not suit my own personal liking. It’s very flowery and bitter with a perfumey note and distant grass. I know some folks that love those traits, but they don’t work together for me.

BBG7 Dream pepper plant

Getting pass the flavor, this one is a scorcher. The heat builds swiftly with the first crunch of the thin skin, quickly engulfing the tongue in full, as well as the roof of the mouth. The fire slowly makes its way down the throat with each swallow. There is a slight pause in the build up, however, as you think the pepper has peaked. After a second or two, the BBG7 Dream launches into superhot territory with a stinging quality.

While I wasn’t a fan of the taste, I absolutely loved growing this plant. The foliage is dark and a nice change of pace from most pepper plants. The fruit are beautiful, especially when the sun is hitting them. As for uses…. for me, if I can counter the flavors with other ingredients, the heat is perfect for sauces. We’ll see what I can conjure up.