Aji Charapita Pepper Review

August 8, 2019 | Article Topics: ,

I’m growing many different varieties of peppers this season, but the one plant that I was most excited about when starting seeds earlier this year was the Aji Charapita. I’ve heard nothing but good things about these tiny little fruit and after inhaling a handful or two already this year, it has fully lived up to expectations.

Aji Charapita peppers

The two plants that I have going for the 2019 season are absolutely packed with fruit in various stages of ripening. I’ve already harvested about 100 ripe pods and would estimate that two or three hundred remain. To say these plants are prolific would be a gross understatement.

At any rate, let’s get to these tasty little things. The size of the ripe fruit varies. I’ve picked some smaller than 1/4 inch while others have almost reached 3/4 in diameter. Each, however, presents a smooth texture and bright orange complexion with a thin-thickness wall. Inside, the small space is typically packed with placenta and seed.

Aji Charapita peppers

The aroma is lightly floral and fruity. It reminds a bit of a habanero, but with more lemony and orange peel character. They simply smell great and the flavors follow suit with an initial fruitiness and sweetness. A light floral presence arrives with the heat.

The heat of these little pods isn’t excruciating, but will certainly surprise you if not prepared. It surges quickly to a medium-to-high level with a full tongue burn as that citrus fruitiness lingers. The fire peaks after a few minutes and trails down the throat into the lungs with a warm glow. It eventually trails off slowly after about a five minute peak.

Aji Charapita peppers

As I stated earlier, I had pretty high expectations for the Aji Charapita and it has not disappointed. The tasty little fruit pack a heck of a punch. I’ve already vacuum sealed a pile of them away for Winter and am planning on making a variety of hot sauces with them. I’m not sure how they will dry, but I’ll also give that a whirl later this season.