2020 Peppers Finally Start Hardening Off Process

April 29, 2020 | Article Topics:

Just like past seasons, I sowed my pepper seeds in early February with the plan of them eventually going into the dirt outside by the first week of May. Unfortunately, the 2020 grow season has been toyed with by Mother Nature.

The last couple of weeks in April aren’t really the warmest in my region, but temperatures are usually trending in the right direction. This year, however, we’re still seeing lows in the mid-to-high 30° F. That’s no good for my plants, or even to start hardening them off when my schedule would have normally had me start.

pepper plants in the sun

To keep on schedule for possibly the second week of May, I’m going to start the hardening off process as best I can, when I can. The weather for the next week or so is not great, with lots of rain and clouds (and low 40s°) over night. Essentially, I’m giving Mother Nature the finger and getting on with my pepper season.

pepper plants in the sun