2020 Pepper Season: Week 11 Update

August 3, 2020 | Article Topics:

Not much has really happened over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been in plant maintenance mode for the most part – watering when needed and all that good stuff. It’s only been with the past couple of days that the action has really started to ramp up. A good number of the plants have started to show color as their fruit begin ripening – I’ve even had the opportunity to taste test a couple pods.

We’ll start off with the raised beds and the pots nearby. The below pictures show (in order) Chocolate Bhutlah, 7 Pot Burgundy (which I am drooling over), Bhut/Neyde cross, and yellow Murupi.

Chocolate bhutlah pepper
7 pot pepper
Bhut/Neyde pepper
Murupi pepper

The raised bed plants aren’t the only ones starting to show off. The peppers in the self-watering buckets are no less impressive in their own right. Below we’ve got CGN 21500, yellow Nagabrains (which are massive, by the way), Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnets and Apocalypse Scorpions.

cgn 21500 pepper
nagabrains pepper
scotch bonnet pepper
apocalypse pepper

Two more items of note before we wrap up this quick update. First, the chocolate Reaper is finally starting to put out a solid number of small peppers. This plant was the last to blossom and the last to fruit, but, as you can see below, it’s cranking along nicely now.

apocalypse pepper

And finally. Just a note reminding you that you aren’t always going to get what you think you bought or planted. This has happened in the past with seeds I have purchased and I’m 100% certain it will happen again in future seasons. The below photo shows two fruit, both of which were grown from the same seed stock and neither of which are what they were purported to be. Am I annoyed? A little. But I’m also excited to sample these and see if they are something that I wouldn’t mind keeping around for next year.

apocalypse pepper

That’s it for now. Happy gardening!