2017 Pepper Season: Week Ten Update

I took a bit longer getting to this update than I had wanted, but that’s the way with life sometimes. Besides, one can only take so many baby pepper plant photos before they all start to look the same.

It’s been over five weeks since we last saw the plants and most of them have double or even tripled in size over that time period. Most have in fact already been topped to promote stronger stems and a bushier overall development. I’ve also set up all of the two-bucket potting set ups for all of them (directions for those will be in another post perhaps) and all of the plants have been out doors for varying lengths of time in preparation for their grand migration from the safety of the house and the warm front window.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise plant

The Tequila Sunrise plants are still the tallest of the bunch and are doing quite well. They tend to wilt quickly in their outdoor trips, but bounce back just as quickly when that time is up and they are back in the house. The plants are still pretty leggy, but I’m hoping that topping them now will help them out in the future.

Orange Habanero


The Habanero plants have grown into their original legginess when they were much smaller. They are still, overall, the smallest plants of the bunch, but have good leaf development.

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper

I’ve been surprised by the growth on the reapers as of late. Initially, they appeared to be rather slow in developing size, but as of the past couple of weeks, the plants have really taken off. They absolutely soak up the sun when set outside for hardening.

Bhut Jolokia

Ghost Pepper

Both the Bhut Jolokia and peach varieties below have been the most aggressive in terms of consistent growth since the five week update. Just about all the plants have massive, broad leaves and love going outside to soak up the sun instead of sitting in the front window.

Peach Bhut Jolokia

Peach Ghost Pepper

The Peach Bhuts probably have the most developed root system of all the plants — each set up has a good amount of roots reaching into the nutrient reservoir. The plants look great and much like the other super hots love the outdoor sun and I’m looking forward to getting them into bigger pots so they can explode!

Chocolate Bhutlah

Chocolate Butlah

It may still not look all that scary or intimidating, but this is still the set of plants that I fear the most. The Chocolate Bhutlah plants are voracious eaters, going through water and nutrients like they are hell bent on destroying me in a few months. That said, I’m really excited to get these things into bigger pots so they too can get big and bushy.

Yellow 7 Pot

Yellow 7 Pot seedling

And finally, the Yellow 7 Pot. Out of all the seeds that I had started for this particular variety, only one germinated. That was 16 days ago and, as you can see by the photo above, it really hasn’t done much since then. I’m not sure what’s going on with it. It’s been treated and watered in the same fashion as the rest of the plants — I’d like to think they’ve all faired pretty well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope it does some growing…. soon.