Yellow Murupi Pepper Review

September 1, 2020 | Article Topics:

When looking at what types of peppers I wanted to grow at the end of last season, the Murupi was pretty high on the list. I hadn’t really read up all that much on how it tasted or burned, but I loved the way they looked. And now that I’ve got a plant producing fresh pods at a high rate, I’m glad I added it to this season’s grow list.

I mean, just look at all those twisted, crinkly pods below – sorry for the blurriness. How could you not love the way these things look!?

Murupi Yellow peppers

Each pod is almost a mirror image of the next with plenty of twists and crinkles along their lengths. The bright yellow color really stands out on the plant, as well. The interior echoes the outward folds with a cluster of placenta and seeds at the stem.

These twisty pods smell like they could be pretty hot with slight floral notes and citrus undertones.

Murupi Yellow peppers

The flavor starts off with a light sweetness and lemony citrus notes. A grassy twinge rests in the background with a distant floral trait. The heat hits quickly and builds swiftly to a fairly fiery crescendo that lasts a good long while. It’s not an overly intense burn, but it does still pack a decent punch near habanero level. The heat takes its time fading away from the tongue attack. A light whiskey chest burn lingers.

I really enjoyed my first experience with the Murupi Yellow. It has a great appearance and good flavor. The level of burn is a nice surprise. All of that equals a pepper that should prove to be a nice addition to just about any sauce recipe or even fresh within some chicken tacos.

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