Murupi Yellow

The Murupi Yellow doesn't just look great, but it also carries a wonderful flavor and habanero-level heat. Hailing from Brazil, the plant is quite the producer – I harvested well over a hundred of these attractive, twisted yellow pods. More details below

Each seed pack contains at least 17 seeds.

Product Details

The Murupi Yellow was probably my most productive plant for the 2020 season. Reaching about three feet in height and a bit larger in width, the branches were consistently packed with pods in various stages of ripening for months – well into October in the northern VIrginia region.

Topping out at a low-to-medium habanero level of heat, the crinkling fruit also produce a similar flavor profile. Lightly sweet and fruity up front, there is also a hint of grassy notes and a distant floral trait. You can check out the full taste test here.

I’ve found that the flavor allows these fruit to be employed in just about any fashion. It’s a nice addition to a blended pepper sauce or if you need a little extra kick in your salsa, it’s a great compliment there, as well.