Yellow Nagabrain Pepper Review

October 16, 2020 | Article Topics:

I love the texture that many brainstrain variety of peppers exhibit when fully ripe which is why I added this Yellow Nagabrain to my 2020 grow list almost immediately. The photos I had seen online as I was planning out this season were more than enough to intrigue – and after harvesting about 30 fresh pods from this one plant, I couldn’t have been happier with the selection.

Yellow Nagabrain peppers on a plate

This plant was grown in a five gallon, self-watering bucket and never really took off in terms of size – maybe just under three feet in height – but it did produce a number of gnarly, blistered pods. Each ripe fruit also displayed orange highlights where they got more exposure to the sun and were roughly two inches long and a little over half that in width. The blistered skin is thin as expected for a superhot. Inside, the pods have a good amount of placenta and seeds clustered toward the stem side.

Yellow Nagabrain peppers on a plate

The aroma is fruity with lemony citrus undertones and a hint of sweetness. It reminds me a bit of the Scotch Brains that I fell in love with last season. The flavor is similar, but the heat is different. After making your way through the soft skin, there is a smooth blend of fruit and sweetness with a tough of light floral notes. This is a tasty pepper.

The heat builds slowly, eventually wrapping the tongue in a solid blanket of fire that eventually spreads down the throat with each swallow. This isn’t an aggressive burn, but it does hang around for a good long while. It’s relatively even in nature as slowly fades to a gentle tingle after a few minutes.

I was expecting a scorcher with the Yellow Nagabrain, but it’s not as potent as I anticipated. The heat is still in the superhot realm and the flavor is exceptional – both attributes lead to a great addition to any hot sauce blend you plant to make.

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