Yellow Bonda ma Jacques Pepper Review

November 6, 2020 | Article Topics:

The Bonda ma Jacques pepper is a member of the habanero family originating in the French Antilles. It typically comes in two colors – yellow and red. I grew both this year and while I did enjoy the difference between the two varieties, the yellow was my least favorite of the duo. That being said, this pepper does have its merits.

bonda ma jacues pepper

My Yellow Bonda plant was pretty prolific, generating a few dozen fresh fruit for me to enjoy throughout the season. It wasn’t an overly large specimen – I believe the Murupi and Red Bonda ma Jacques may have crowded it out a bit. The fruit are smooth skinned and consistent in shape and size. Inside, there is a small bit of placenta and a nice sheen of oils.

Both the aroma and flavor are fairly similar with fruity notes leading the way for a touch of floral twinges – it smells much like most any other habanero I have encountered. Within the flavor, there is a touch of bitterness like citrus peel and a distant grassy note. It is quite tasty.

bonda ma jacues pepper

The heat starts along the sides of the tongue, building slowly and pleasingly. Eventually, the burn encompasses the full tongue and roof of the mouth, peaking at a moderate level, sitting at a pleasurable plateau. The fire lasts a while before fading slowly out of frame.

I fully enjoyed all aspects of this pepper. From the plant growth and production to the flavor and moderate burn, the Yellow Bonda ma Jacques is certainly one that is quite versatile and one I will keep on my prospective grow list for future seasons.