White Bhut Jolokia W Strain

December 6, 2022 | Article Topics: ,

While this is not my first time growing a white variation on the Bhut Jolokia, it is my first experience with this particular strain. The W Strain fruit are much longer and much gnarlier in overall shape. The plant is also much larger in size and just about as productive as the previous version. That all being said, I am starting to realize that I’m not much of a fan for the flavor profile that white peppers produce. The burn – yes. Flavor, not so much.

As you can see above, the plant produces some great looking fruit. The vast majority of harvested pods had the same shape and overall size – twisted, lightly bumpy flesh and a yellowish tinge. Inside, the fruit are fairly empty, but glisten with oils on the inner walls.

The aroma carries a pungent floral presence that dominates with hints of grass and a touch of fruitiness in the distance. Unfortunately (for me anyways), the flavor follows suit. It’s quite perfumey and floral with a solid amount of bitterness as you chew through the relatively soft flesh. This is just not a flavor profile that I enjoy.

The fire arrives immediately, rapidly attacking the throat primarily before moving forward to scorch the tongue on all sides. A strong whiskey chest settles in as the burn rushes to its peak. The W Strain carries a heat that sits at the plateau for a good long while before eventually letting loose its grip.

This pepper has a hell of a burn. If you can get past the strong floral flavor, then I would highly recommend as an addition to any sauce recipe. I just am not a fan of the taste of this particular pepper despite loving its general appearance. I’m not sure that I am going to fully abandon white peppers in the future, but so far, I haven’t enjoyed the taste of any I have grown yet.