Week 3 of the 2023 Pepper Season

March 14, 2023 | Article Topics:

Well, so far the 2023 pepper season has gotten off to an interesting start. Of the 37 different varieties that I opted to start for the year, ten of them have decided to stay dormant. While that’s a bit disappointing, it’s not wholly unexpected given the hybrids involved.

What’s really irritating?

Of the 20 seeds that I attempted to start, not a single jalapeno variety germinated. I’m going to assume the cause is the age of the seed stock that I still had in my inventory and not the result of something I did or didn’t do in the process of getting started for the year. Hell, my Carolina Reapers took just 9 days to pop through the dirt.

pepper seedlings

Other than that, the growth of the seedlings appears to be on par with seasons past. Some are moving faster than others while a couple are lagging behind. I have also split out each seedling into their own pot and, with the future purchase of some jalapeno plants from the local stores, I am all set with 34 plants scheduled to go outside when the time comes.

Below are the varieties that have decided to join me for the ride.

  • Agata’s Tongue (Big Chupe)
  • Aji Cristal
  • Aji Mango
  • Alba Regia Pepper
  • Big Jim
  • Biquinho Yellow
  • BRMX Yellow
  • Carolina Reaper
  • Cumra Cherry
  • HabaReaper
  • Hangjiao 3 – Solar Flare
  • Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion
  • Macapa Red
  • Mini Bell Mix
  • Orion
  • Primotalii
  • Red Bell
  • Redgum TigerMamp x Chocolate Nagabrains
  • Scotch Brain XCP Yellow
  • St. Lucia Scotch Bonnet
  • Super Bhut JW
  • Sweet Purple (Peach)
  • White Thai
  • Purple Gator Jigsaw

This is also the point where we start bottom feeding the seedlings a bit of hydroponic nutrients to give them a nice boost. Hopefully, we can get the all moving along at a nice pace. Until next time, happy gardening.