Two Week Outdoor Update for the 2022 Pepper Season

May 25, 2022 | Article Topics:

It’s been just over two weeks since the pepper plants made their way outside. In that time, we’ve had a ton of rain, cooler-than-normal temperatures and not as much sun as I would like post-transplanting. That said, all of the plants are doing pretty well regardless.

Pink Tiger x Jalapeno pepper plant

Most, if not all, of the pepper plants have more than doubled in size and are continually trying to blossom. It’s a bit too early in the season for that, so I’m removing any buds I see in an effort to keep the plants growing for the time being. There are a few specimen/varieties in the raised beds that are progressing quite nicely, gaining good height and interior growth. The Brown Jalapeno seen in the forefront of the photo below are cruising along nicely.

Pepper plants

As expected, the superhot varieties are a bit slower going, but I’m sure that – much like last year – they will eventually take off quickly once we get more consistent sun and heat. Their reluctance to grow hasn’t stopped them from putting out a good number of buds in an attempt to produce fruit. I think another week of plucking buds should be sufficient and then, maybe, I’ll let them run wild.

That’s it for today. Happy gardening!