There Be Peppers!

June 11, 2018 | Article Topics:

It’s been just about three weeks since the last pepper update and one look at the below photo compared to photos taken for the last post… well, the difference is astonishing. The plants have flourished despite some seriously heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Even the plants that took a beating when transitioning at the overflow plot are looking great.

Pepper plants in raised beds

All of the varieties at home are budding with a good number sporting open blossoms. Only the Pequin, however, is actually sporting several small baby peppers. Everyone else is probably a couple of weeks behind in that regard. The Pequin is the smallest of the plants around the house — most are well over two feet tall and still growing — but it’s well in the lead in terms of pepper production. Just check out those tiny little things below.

Pequin peppers

Overflow Plot

The plants at the overflow plot have been a bit slower in terms of developing some size and growth compared to those at home, but they are quickly catching up. Well, most are. The Numex Twightlight and Thai Dragon are maybe six or seven inches in diameter and are hugging the ground. They just refuse to grow at all. And yet, despite their laziness, they are packed with little peppers. In addition to those, the Aji Rico and one of my jalapeno plants are also sporting baby fruit.

The next three photos are of two Numex Twighlight plants and the tiny Thai that are just throwing out pods like it’s their job.

Numex Twighlight peppers
Numex Twighlight peppers
Thai peppers

The below jalapeno plant was purchased a couple of weeks after I had transplanted my own plants into the ground. It’s one of the taller plants at the plot and is sporting several small peppers including the largest in the photo.

Thai peppers

The Aji Rico is a plant I picked up shortly after the initial transplanting process. It was really the only intriguing prospect at a local nursery that caught my eye and so far it is performing admirably. It’s one of the largest and healthiest looking plants of the bunch and is producing a few pods including the one in the photo below.

Thai peppers

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the current status of all the plants. Sure, the weather hasn’t been ideal, but the plants have all thrived, growing big and bushing and putting out buds, blossoms and fruit at a great rate. Based on notes from last year, I’m already a month ahead in terms of pepper development. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed as we start to enter the hotter months of Summer to come.