The 2022 Peppers Are Starting to Arrive

June 9, 2022 | Article Topics:

Two weeks have pasted since the last pepper season update and things are starting to happen. We’ve got our first immature pods starting to show up and, for those that haven’t gotten that far yet, we are seeing a good amount of growth.


In addition to a couple of Purple Tiger x Jalapeno pods coming on, we’ve also got an Aci Sivri that has about four unripe fruit starting to develop (seen above). The one in the photo is roughly and inch long and getting larger every day. The plant itself is also one of the taller specimens in the garden so far, standing at just about a foot and a half in height.

As expected, the slowest growing plants have been those in the superhot bed. These hotter varieties tend to develop at more of a plodding pace than the rest of the garden, but come later this season, they will be exploding with ripe fruit. As you can see below, the plants in this bed are still progressing nicely, having doubled in size over the last two weeks.


And finally, I just wanted to call out the two Sugar Rush Stripey plants (seen below) that I have going in another of the raised beds. The leaves on these plants are massive in comparison to the other varieties I am growing. And they are quickly gaining some altitude the past week or so. I guess all that rain we’ve been having lately isn’t causing too many issues.


That’s it for today. Hopefully, we’ll have more little peppers to show off in the next update. Happy gardening!