The 2022 Pepper Season Has Come to an End

October 24, 2022 | Article Topics:

After two hard freezes the past week, the pepper plants have officially called it a day. I had harvested just about everything I could worth saving prior the temperatures dipping below 30ºF. After those double dips, the remaining pods softened and were pretty much unsalvageable. The close of the season is almost a month premature as I was still harvesting peppers well into November that past few years, but such is the way of Mother Nature – you never really know how to plan for her.

pepper plants

Just because the growing season is over doesn’t mean things are slowing down on the site. I still have a pretty good handful of pepper reviews to publish, as well as planning for next season. So be on the lookout for those posts coming soon. Hope your season has gone well and, if you are in a different hemisphere, cheers to the start of your growing year.