Solid Gold Bhut Jolokia Pepper Review

April 27, 2022 | Article Topics: ,

Red, yellow, peach, chocolate and, with this review, Solid Gold – I’ve grown a number of Bhut Jolokia color varieties through the years. Each strain has provided that core Ghost pepper flavor while bringing in their own unique traits. The Solid Gold Bhut is no exception.

While my particular plant wasn’t as prolific as I would have liked, I did harvest some fairly sizable fruit. A few of the pods stretched pretty darn close to four inches in length as seen in the below tweet from last season.

The outward appearance of the Solid Gold Bhut resembles the look of most standard Ghost peppers I have grown in the past. The skin is gnarly with plenty of folds and blisters. The color, in my opinion, is more mustard than gold. The interior (seen below) was fairly tame looking with only bit of placenta and a few scattered seeds.

The aroma echoes that of your run-of-the-mill Bhut Jolokia. It’s a bit subdued in comparison perhaps and has a slightly more pronounced earthy trait. Flavor-wise, it starts with that Bhut floralness with a good amount of bitterness and earthy quality. It did not have any perfumey traits which I found a positive.

Solid Gold Bhut Jolokia

Biting into the Solid Gold Bhut produces a near-immediate tongue burn. The fire settles on the tongue before eventually spreading to the throat and creating a bit of whiskey chest with each breath. The peak is on par with other color varieties. Overall, the burn is not overly aggressive and, while it is damn hot, there is a mellow quality as the fire fades to a lasting finish.

While I have preferred the chocolate varieties of the Bhut Jolokia more, I thoroughly enjoyed this variation on the classic superhot pepper. The burn was appropriate and the flavor right up my alley with that earthy character. I’ve had this chopped fresh on tacos late last season and will be making a few sauces from those that I have stored in the freezer. Definitely recommend for fans of Ghost peppers.