NuMex Jalmundo Pepper Review

September 3, 2021 | Article Topics: ,

New Mexico State University has done some really cool things with peppers throughout the years. From stabilization of native varieties to the creation (and release) of their own variations, the institution has been vital in the United States. One of their products is the NuMex Jalmundo – is a cross between an Early Jalapeno and Keystone Resistant Giant bell pepper.

The result of this cross is supposed to be a larger sized pepper roughly 3.5 inches in length and half that in diameter. So far, the fresh fruit that I have harvested from my Jalmundo plant have been slightly smaller in scale, but that could be the result of a myriad of environmental factors that I simply cannot replicate in my area.

Jalmundo pepper

Size variation aside, these peppers are still bigger than your standard Jalapeno that you can pick up at any hardware store or commercial garden center. They have been ideal for stuffing and roasting, but before we get into that, let’s break the pepper down a bit and get into the details.

We’ve already discussed the sizes of the pods I have been harvesting, but I will tell you that many of the fruit that I have gotten have displayed some impressive corking – the result of growing faster than the outer skin will allow. The result is a crunchy and thick wall of peppery flesh that is satisfying to bite into. The aroma is fairly subtle on these, perhaps a result of the bell pepper part of its lineage.

Jalmundo pepper

The flavors of the NuMex Jalmundo (especially a ripe red one) carries an upfront sweetness that lasts from start to finish. As expected it has the telltale traits of your standard jalapeno in terms of flavor. Like I said above, biting into this pepper produces a great crunch. This pepper tastes excellent and is quite juicy.

Despite its documented size, the burn on this big jalapeno is no more than that of its standard brethren. It carries a slight sting at the back of the throat, but is pretty dang mellow and lasts a good long while. All of which makes this pepper suitable for anything that you would use a jalapeno for. It’s size makes it better for stuffing and roasting, which we love to do on a regular basis. I routinely put away more than I should. Salsa, chopped fresh on a bowl of chile, you name it, it’s good to go.