Ghost Yaki Peach Pepper Review

November 29, 2022 | Article Topics:

The Ghost Yaki Peach is a cross developed by Giancarlo Fadda. The lineage of this variety comes from a select cross of White Ghost and Ghost Yaki Jami. The result of the combination is a pepper that has the general shape of your standard Bhut Jolokia with a smooth skin. The one plant I grew this year was quite attractive with dark foliage and pods that ripened from dark purple to the peach you see below. It also produced a good number ripe fruit.

Ghost Yaki Peach pepper

The Ghost Yaki Peach peppers were all generally the same size and shape – roughly two inches in length with light peach coloring and smooth flesh. Some were a bit more twisted than others. The interior for this peppers is pretty clean with a bit of placenta and a small number of seeds toward the stem. A nice sheen of oils glisten along the inside walls.

The aroma carries light fruits, gentle floral notes and a hint of bitterness. It’s not a pungent pepper, but does smell pretty fiery. Flavors follow the nose pretty well, but with a slightly more pronounced floral trait and grassy notes as a light fruitiness arrives shortly after the first bite. The floral notes do fade pretty quickly after a few chews.

Ghost Yaki Peach pepper

As expected given the parent plants, the Ghost Yaki Peach is a pretty heated experience. The burn builds slowly and evenly to a lasting peak. It is mostly focused on the tongue and back of the throat, but does eventually move forward to hit the lips. Each swallow brings a mellow whiskey chest. The fire lasts a good long while at its plateau before slowly fading to a super clean finish.

Not only is the Ghost Yaki Peach a good look plant and fruit, but it’s also got a decent taste and burn. I’m personally glad the floral flavors dissipate quickly, allowing the soft fruits to shine. That character will work nicely in a fruit based hot sauce.