First Pepper of the Season is a Small, but Tasty Scotch Bonnet

August 3, 2016 | Article Topics:

While my cayenne has had the most fruit ripening on its limbs, the Scotch Bonnet decided that it didn’t want to finish second and cranked out this pod over the week. The fruit is just bigger in diameter than a quarter — not the largest pepper I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. But it’s timing couldn’t have been better as it went into a pot of white chicken chili after I collected a few seeds.

Scotch Bonnet

As you can see in the dissected view, the walls of this little one were pretty darn thick as to be expected and there was plenty of placenta. A wonderful aroma filled the air almost immediately after separating the two halves. Man, I do love the smell of these peppers and it’s the wife’s favorite. I snuck a few slices before handing it over to the boss lady to finish up dinner. The pepper was crunchy, juicy and provided a wonderful amount of heat and sweetness.

Scotch Bonnet

I made sure to gather a few seeds before the rest of the pepper went into the meal. This is my first time attempting to save seeds, but hopefully not the last. I loved the flavor of this one, but it did;t quite have the correct bonnet shape, so I’m going to keep it apart from any of the other Scotch Bonnet peppers I harvest.

Scotch Bonnet seeds