Announcing the Pepper Diaries Seed Shop

November 9, 2020 | Article Topics:

Update: It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but I have decided not to continue selling pepper seeds in the future.

I did a thing.

I am now selling a small number of pepper seed packs on this site. I know that there are already many (many) vendors online these days. There are some that are quite reputable and have been around for a good long while – sellers that I will continue to purchase from in the future. These are also companies that I don’t really plan on competing with in my little endeavor.

So what makes this online shop different?

What I find unique about the varieties for sale on this site, is that you get a bit of an insider track in watching them grow from seedlings to the final day when they are taken down for the season. Not many retailers bring you along that journey.

All of the pepper varieties for sale on the site will only be available right after the season from which they were harvested. Unless otherwise noted, all of the seeds at this point are non-isolated. So it is inevitable that results may vary when growing these out. To help minimize the homogenization of varieties, I harvested from fresh pods that I have only grown personally once and do not plan on resowing the seeds I am selling in order to harvest more next season.

Growing hot peppers is a hobby and something I thoroughly love. And if I’m being brutally honest with myself, I have a seed buying problem. I love collecting different varieties of pepper and I not only see this project as a way to share my joy with others, but also a way to fuel future addictive purchases.

Visit the Seed Shop

Please note, that I am currently only shipping within the continental United States. If this little operation proves worthwhile, then perhaps I’ll look at expanding that policy.