Aji Dulce Pepper Review

November 4, 2019 | Article Topics:

The other day, I published a review for the Aji Cachucha, which in some regions is the same thing or, at least, an alternative name for the Aji Dulce which we are exploring today. These two varieties may be interchangeable name-wise, but the flavors and overall experience were quite different.

First and foremost, the shapes of all the pods on both plants don’t look at all like the other plant. This particular plant didn’t produce the similarly lobed fruit like the Cachucha. Oh, an obviously, they are different colors.

Aji Dulce pepper

Inside, the fruit is a bit different, as well. The spongey placenta stretches further toward the end while a good bit of seeds cling tightly. The walls aren’t overly thick compared to some, but are a bit meatier than the Cachucha peppers that I had harvested this season.

Aji Dulce pepper

The aroma of the Aji Dulce is earthy, lightly fruity without much of a floral note. The smell is quite enticing. And once you start crunching through the walls, the earthiness is echoed in the flavor while a bit more floral trait rises. There’s a touch of citrus and light bitterness and subtle sweetness late as you chew. There is next to no heat here like the Cachucha – maybe a hint on the back of the tongue.

Of the two peppers being discussed here, I prefer the flavor of the Dulce. It’s a bit more dynamic and interesting than the Cachucha. If this particular fruit were on the sweeter side, it would serve as a great alternative to bell peppers. This would definitely make a nice addition to a salad or extra flavor in a salsa.