7 Pot Cinder Pepper Review

December 28, 2022 | Article Topics: ,

The 7 Pot Cinder is currently an unstable cross between a Big Black Mama and a Caramel Madballz. My particular plant produced fruit that looked more like your standard 7 Pot or Scorpion – every one had a stubby stinger and blistered, reddish brown flesh. The plant was also incredibly productive. I harvested well over 120 fresh pods of the single one.

7 Pot Cinder pepper

These were some of the gnarliest looking pods I grew all season. The interior was more impressive frightening than the outside. Where there wasn’t any spongy placenta, the inner walls of the thin skin pepper were glistening with oils. While the looks are insane, the aroma was a bit more subtle with a good bit of earthiness and lingering, distant fruits. It certainly smells like a chocolate superhot.

7 Pot Cinder pepper

The flavor hits hard with floral and fruity notes right away. Thankfully, the floral traits fade quickly as a hint of bitterness sits in the background. I’m personally glad that the floral notes dissipate quickly – this is a damn tasty pepper. That is, before the fire hits quickly and hard. The back of the tongue and throat are impacted first like a smoldering coal is stuck back there. The burn eventually marches forward to engulf the entire mouth in searing heat that causes the brow to start beading with sweat and the eyes to water. The heat is clean and sits atop its plateau for a good long while before fading slowly to a lingering, lasting tingle.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 Pot Cinder. The plant was super productive and the pods have a great, gnarly appearance. I’m a big fan of the flavor and burn this one presents. It actually caused my ears to ring slightly at one point. This is a pepper that I will certainly be growing again in future seasons.