2023 Pepper Season: Two Week Outdoor Update

May 31, 2023 | Article Topics:

It’s actually been just over two weeks, but who’s counting. At any rate, the progress of the plants since their move outside has been, well, lackluster. Overall growth of the plants has been slow to say the least. I’m sure that the lower overnight temperatures are to blame, but I am just not seeing nearly the amount of growth that I should be seeing at this point – at least compared to seasons past.

raised bed with pepper plants

The last couple of days, however, I have started seeing positive signs. While the majority of the plants are still quite small in stature, many are starting to show signs of internal growth along the stem (as seen in the photo below).

raised bed with pepper plants

Despite feeling a few weeks behind at this point, I know once the Summer sun starts working hard on the plants, the growth will be exponential. And since not much is really happening at this point in the season, we’ll keep this update short and sweet. Until next time, happy growing!