2018 Pepper Season Final Lineup of Plants

March 6, 2018 | Article Topics: ,

After splitting out a couple of red habanero and chocolate 7 pot Marabella seedlings into their own pots, I can officially say that my line-up for the 2018 season has been finalized. I’ve got a total of 48 plants (as planned) at various stages of growth, from just about freshly sprouted to fairly sizable with multiple sets of leaves. As expected, however, the list of plants today is pretty different than the one I had outlined back in December of last year. And I’m cool with that.

Before we get into the starting lineup for 2018, I’ve got to complain a bit about my luck with yellow 7 pots. This is the second year in a row where seeds of this variety have failed to develop. In 2017, I actually did have one sprout, but it stalled and eventually perished before even forming any true leaves. I had purchased seeds from two different companies in the hopes that different sources would help in my success rate. Unfortunately, that proved ineffective. I haven’t given up hope, though, as I still plan to start some seeds for this Fall’s hydroponic project.

So without further griping on my part, the four photos below show all of my plants, in no particular arrangement — I’ll be grouping them by plant variety later today or tomorrow. Following the photos is my complete list that will hopefully make it to the outdoors come May.

Pepper plants
Pepper plants
Pepper plants
Pepper plants

Final Lineup of Plants

If there are more than one plant of a variety, I’ve indicated that next to their name.

  • 7 Pot – Mutant (2)
  • Aji Lemon
  • Bahamian Goat
  • Black Prince
  • Carolina Reaper (3)
  • Chocolate 7 Pot Bubblegum (2)
  • Chocolate 7 Pot Marabella (2)
  • Chocolate Habanero (2)
  • Chocolate Scorpion
  • Datil (3)
  • Giant Yellow Cardi Scorpion (2)
  • Golden Cayenne
  • Jalapeno – Craig’s Grande
  • Jalapeno – Purple
  • Mustard Habanero (2)
  • NuMex Twighlight (2)
  • Orange Habanero (2)
  • Peach Bhut Jolokia (4)
  • Pequin
  • Red Bhut Jolokia (3)
  • Red Habanero (2)
  • Scotch Bonnet – Jamaica Yellow (3)
  • Sugar Rush Peach (2)
  • Thai Dragon
  • Trinidad Scorpion Red
  • White Habanero (2)

I’m sure that at some point this coming Spring, I’ll venture out with the wife to local nursery and garden centers and, as usual, pick up a plant or two or three. So, this isn’t necessarily the final number of peppers that I may be managing around the house this season.