2017 Pepper Season: Week Five Update

It’s been roughly five weeks since the first of my peppers started breaking through the soil in their cups. In the three weeks since my last update the majority of the plants have really started to take off — especially considering, I don’t have any sort of set up for these little fellas.

The plants have been getting some good sun through the large window I’ve been using as the light source. I’ve also just recently been using the seedling mix of General Hydroponics nutrients for about a week now and the plants seem to be loving it.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise plant

The Tequila Sunrise plants that I have are growing like gangbusters. They easily dwarf the rest of the pack bay a good three inches in most cases. They are a little leggy, but I’m not sure if that’s typical of this plant or not. Regardless, they seem to be loving the hydroponic nutrients and with the excellent root system seen below, I’m able to bottom feed them now, as well.

Tequila Sunrise roots

Orange Habanero


The Habanero plants have been doing well, though they aren’t quite as full as some of the others, also a couple of them appear a bit leggy. That said, they are nice and healthy and progressing nicely. The tallest is just under two inches in height.

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper

The reapers are looking great, with nice broad leaves, though not much height. I guess that’s a good thing. The plants look super healthy and have just started putting roots out the bottom of their cups so I’l be able to feed them from below. I’m very excited with their progress.

Bhut Jolokia

Ghost Pepper

My bhut jolokias as well as the peach variety below are looking great. They have an excellent leaf structure and have just started to take to liking the hydroponic nutrients that they have been receiving. Each plant, even the runts in the background, have good-sized leaves and are growing nicely.

Peach Bhut Jolokia

Peach Ghost Pepper

Along with their “standard” siblings, the peach bhut jolokias are looking great. They have an appropriate height for their broad leaves and have been soaking up the sun and nutrients with a fervor. I can’t wait to get these out in the bigger pots once the weather finally stays warm enough.

Chocolate Bhutlah

Chocolate Butlah

What may ultimately be my downfall, the chocolate bhutlahs are looking just as good, if not better, than the rest of the plants. They have strong structures and have been drinking up the hydroponic nutrients like it was their job. They may only measure just under two inches, but they still scare me.

Yellow 7 Pot

Yellow 7 Pot not germinating

I’ve all but given up on my yellow 7 pots. It’s been over six weeks since they were sown and not a sign of them breaking through the soil. I’ll keep them going as long as I have patience, but it’s growing thin. I was really looking forward to this.