Ghostly Jalapeno

Developed by grower Jack Skaggs, the Ghostly Jalapeno is a cross between your standard Jalapeno and a Bhut Jolokia. With a flavor leaning heavily on the superhot side of this relationship, the fruit taste great and provide a level of heat above a jalapeno, but well below a bhut. This was a big hit in my household this season. More details below

Each seed pack contains at least 17 seeds.

Product Details

The plant is fairly compact, reaching just under three feet in height and half that in width – in a self-watering bucket system. The Ghostly Jalapeno is an excellent producer of pods. My particular plant had a bit of a late start, but by the time the season was over, I had harvested well over 40 fresh fruit.

The ripe pods look quite similar to a ghost pepper – with very little in appearance tying it to the Jalapeno side of its lineage. In fact, there is very little in terms of looks, aroma, flavor or heat that would even allude to it. But, and this is a big “but,” that doesn’t make a difference here as the flavor on this pod is outstanding. Fruity, lightly sweet and with a touch of a floral trait, the taste lasts a good long while thanks to a level of heat that is more than a jalpeno, but well below that of a bhut.